Welcome to the Rosie Dane Family!

Below are several papers that you are encouraged to read. Click on the blue text to download the corresponding pdf files.

The Long Line – this is the long line lesson in its entirety. This is the major homework before your first class. This exercise replaces your current walks. The foundation for focus lies in this exercise. Do not neglect this!

Training Area Management – A guide to distractions!

Homework Worksheet and Planner – need a gameplan? Use this worksheet to put together your plan for the long line foundation.

Pack Management – this is a paper about pack management. Use your attention as a tool!

Drop It – For all those Retrievers out there (and any other dog who loves putting everything in their mouth)

Destructiveness (and what to do about it!) – Also for the problem canine! The absolute first step is to ensure your dog spends time in one of two places: 1) his crate or area of confinement, 2) on a leash with you supervising. Supervision is your first line of defense. Then, if your dog is still attempting to eat you out of house and home (and I don’t mean through big meals!), read this.

Class Schedule Consult your email for the particular class you’ll be in. This is a list of ALL classes, not just yours.

Happy training!