Puppy Hour Puppy Parties!!

When? 6:00 on the first Friday of every month. Occasionally, due to holidays, it may be the second Friday of the month…please register so we can let you know of scheduling changes!

Where? The Fern Creek Community Center at 6104 Bardstown Road!

Who is invited? Everyone with a puppy 15 weeks old or younger! Or anyone who wants to play with puppies!

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing! This is 100% free and open to the public. Notes will be available for $10, but you are encouraged to bring paper and pen to take your own notes. Just leave one hand free to play with puppies 🙂

Why offer this? This is a resource that we think offers true value to the community and is a way for us to make the world just a little bit better. More info below:


The Nitty Gritty

The first Friday of every month at 6:00 will be a 100% free and open to the public Puppy Party. We’ve partnered with the Fern Creek Community Center to offer an indoor facility (treated with bleach before each party to ensure sanitary conditions) to bring your less than 4 month old puppy to socialize!

Please share this event with your friends, family, and ANYONE who is fortunate enough to own a puppy right now! All are welcome, no student-status necessary.

Science found long ago that the “puppy” phase is actually much shorter than most folks give it credit for. Puppyhood is marked by the “imprinting” phase. This is a phase of development your dog goes through to determine the things, places, sights, smells, people, and animals that will make up its adult world. If your dog doesn’t hear it, see it, do it, feel it, or experience it before imprinting has ended, it will be like an alien invasion to your dog later in life!

What scientists found decades ago is that the imprinting stage lasts thirteen WEEKS. Not thirteen months, or 2 years, as some would have you believe. 13 weeks. That’s it. Then they take the information they’ve absorbed and start seeing what boundaries and mischief they can get into! That is also when your puppy decides what jobs he needs to do and what constitutes a threat.

Your job, as a puppy owner, is to set your dog up for success. There is no greater responsibility given to a puppy owner than socialization. Yes, housebreaking sure is important, and yes, teaching them what to chew on is important too. But nothing you do will be worth a darn if you don’t expose, expose, expose your dog to the world.

Our job is to help you achieve success and that is our goal through the Puppy Parties! Come out with your puppy, your family, and your friends! Every minute, you’ll have a new puppy in your arms and every minute, your puppy will be in someone else’s arms! We aim to expose your puppy to absolutely everything we can and INTELLIGENTLY apply “free play” principles.

A long standing tradition of puppy classes, “free play” is handled incorrectly nearly everywhere. Conventional wisdom is not always so wise! Come to our party and learn to let your dog play in a productive, constructive way!

Common questions on housebreaking, appropriate chew habits, and basic obedience will be covered. We’ll also discuss the timeline of your dog and the steps you should be prepared to take as they mature.

This is not a gimmick and there are no upsells or tricks. You come out, get your questions answered, let your puppy receive invaluable socialization, and leave better off than you were before, without paying a dime. Not even a penny. You’re more than welcome to bring a pad and pen and take your own notes! Just leave one hand free to pet on puppies 🙂

Everyone will need to bring a collar or harness and at least a 6 foot leash (nothing shorter). Retractable leashes (“flexi leads”), and head harnesses (“gentle leaders”) will be absolutely banned. No exceptions.

We will ask you to leave your shoes at the door to ensure that no parvo virus is brought through the door. Wear socks or otherwise plan to be barefoot.

The only requirement of your dog is that they are less than 15 weeks old and have had their first round of immunizations (typically given at 6 or 7 weeks old). Nothing else!

Mark your calendars and we’ll see you there!