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Our Training Style is Different


Some trainers get awfully carried away with the amount of commands they aim to teach. We don’t find that teaching your dog the dictionary is any more effective than a few simple, all-encompassing commands that directly affect a dog’s behavior.

Click through the slides to see what we teach:


A dog with a skill-set that allows them to focus and function in the face of distraction is a dog with good manners. “Jumping on people”, “Gets so excited”, or “Runs out the door” are not problems that exist in a vacuum. They are problems that we fix with a methodical and proven curriculum.


A dog that’s focused on you can’t be focused on the things that get them into trouble. Focusing on you is a responsibility that gives them purpose and a “job” while keeping them safe.



Sit on their tail, (Lay) Down on their belly, Stay right where they are until you release them the first time you ask, every time you ask.
We exercise these commands in situations that teach your dog to handle stress constructively. They’ll learn to trust you and trust themselves. Coping with stress is the answer to many problems and the only route to a “super-dog”.



Loose leash walking and eventually no-leash walking. Being freely at your side, aware of you and following your lead, yet enjoying their stroll.




Come to you on command. Every time. No matter if they’re chasing ducks, playing with their best doggie-friend, or being pet on by the ice cream man…they will return to your side, instantly.


Our Mission

Rosie Dane Dog Training was created in the hope that I can give everyone the opportunity to own a dog as great as my own. I know from dog after dog that I have personally owned and trained that any dog can be the perfect dog if you handle, treat, and train them a certain way. No matter the temperament, no matter the pre-existing problems, any dog can be taught to behave the way you want them to.1185200_493231827421387_840530252_n

We use time-tested training methods to produce dogs that are happy, reliable, calm, and stable. We draw from various methodologies to create a curriculum that truly produces the ultimate all-around companion animal. Through us you’ll achieve any amount of control you envision and overcome any issue you’re facing. We look forward to working with you!

Why Will Our Curriculum Work For You?

90 minute class sessions in real-world scenarios achieve results typically unheard of. These classes aren’t like what you see at a pet store. EVERYONE has control over their dog and we have REAL solutions to REAL problems.
We find that training for real-world scenarios prepares you for living in the real world.
Training you to20151025_125809 train your dog gives you the tools to build the dog of your dreams and it allows you to make repairs down the road. Things fall apart over time and those things need to be fixed and it’s important that you have the tools if that time comes.
We specialize in “after training”. We train because living with a trained dog is fun. Our process is short, it’s sweet, and it works.
We think our curriculum is the best of all worlds. We emphasize reliable training in reliable situations with proven methods. Check out the features listed here to see how we stack up to the competition.

Our Take: The benefit of a group class is the distraction it provides. Different people and different dogs allow your dog to get used to the various stimuli that your training must hold up in front of. 90 minutes gives us ample time to cover the lesson and handle each dog individually. We can provide individual instruction to each handler, then critique those crucial first attempts at the exercise. There’s time to use the other members of class as distractions

Our take: The benefit of a private lesson is to have someone closely hold your hand throughout the training. Whether you couldn’t make a certain week’s class, need additional help with an aspect of handling, or want to work on something outside the scope of the curriculum, we offer private lessons to our group class students, or as their own curriculum.

Our take: Our curriculum involves an orientation, 8 group lessons, and graduation. At the end, over 80% of students are able to obtain both their Canine Good Citizen certificate and pass the AKC Novice Obedience requirements. Just over 2 months of work and you’ll get every tool you’ll need to develop a complete dog. Training a dog doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that requires consistency and time, but life’s about refining your trained dog, not going to class forever.
Our take: As noted, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need by the end of our curriculum. There is nothing more you’d ever need to create a stable, calm, reliable companion, even when off-leash. But we recognize that your training doesn’t end. It requires an additional two to four months before everything becomes rock solid for you and for your dog. For those that want a class format to keep them structured throughout those months and beyond, we offer Advanced and Graduate Class opportunities to help you practice and hone all you’ve learned, as well as an option to retake the core-course again, free of charge.
Our take: Whether it’s trauma, timidity, a feral dog, or aggression, we work with it all. No one is ever “failed”. The only way we don’t solve your issues is if you quit. No matter how bad your dog is, we’ve seen worse and fixed it. The first step is to come to an orientation, privately or in a group setting. Privately, we can meet you and your dog. In the group setting, there are no dogs present. You’ll get homework that will make dramatic progress in several areas quickly. Our solutions will teach proper pack management, liberal use of natural reinforcement, reading your dog, and training a skillset that allows innate behavior to be buffered with trained responses. Instead of telling your dog “don’t chase the mailman” every time, the dog instead learns to make the independent *choice* to NOT chase the mailman.

You can’t fix “dog aggression” unless you train your dog around other dogs. You can’t address “people aggression” training your dog around furniture. All reactivity appointments will be held at our facility.


Cost has always been important to us. We understand that training the family pet sometimes becomes a choice of spending resources to fix the problem versus spending emotional resources to get rid of the problem. There is no other curriculum in the regional area that can produce predictable results as ours do. There just isn’t. Ask a trainer if they can guarantee that you can achieve off-leash reliability in 10 weeks if you work with your dog for an hour a day. Better, come to an orientation and see the results that are being achieved by our own clients. 20150203_183819a (1)The dog you want is just a couple months away.

Each training program begins with a clear outline of objectives that WILL be focused on exactly your needs. It’s true that all dogs need to learn to pay attention to their handler. They all need to learn to relax, to be disciplined, patient, and to be reliable. Whatever character traits your dog needs emphasized will have our curriculum tailored to that objective. You’ll get exercises teaching our foundation right away and you WILL see results. If you do the work correctly and don’t see improvement, you don’t owe us anything. Please go to our sign-up page to reserve a spot.

These first sessions are held at our facility at 6314 Bardstown Road. No matter what kind of home issues you’re having, without tools, commands, and exercises to address the issues, we can’t just *fix* your dog. We can teach those exercises away from home and then you can apply them in the house. Just like training in a gym helps you lift heavy things at home; a strength-trainer doesn’t have to be at your home to show you how to lift a nightstand anymore than a dog-trainer needs to be at your home to show you how to tell your dog to Stay at the door.

Having said that, after sessions at our facility, an in-home appointment is sometimes a good idea, as you’ll have tools to use to address issues if *you* need the guidance. Those appointments have an upcharge or an understanding that the length of the lesson will be shortened to accommodate our other scheduled appointments.

(Note that as of June 2018, the State of Kentucky requires small animal business to pay 6% of revenue to the Kentucky Dept of Revenue and this tax is added on to all of our services)

Private Puppy Lessons - $75/hour

For puppies less than 16 weeks old. Let us give you the instruction manual your dog didn’t come with! From house-training to socialization to putting lessons in place that will guide your dog’s learning for their lifetime, a few of these sessions can turn you into a puppy whisperer in no time! Click here to learn more or sign up!

Puppy Group Class - $220

An 8 week group class for 4-6 month olds designed to teach on leash obedience. 60minute lessons. Pups this age are just coming into themselves and learning to control their impulses around other dogs and people is paramount. It’s not about puppy romps and play. This is about introducing structure and expectations of your dog at a level consistent with their age and in a way that prepares them for further learning down the road. Check out our upcoming Puppy Obedience classes here!

Adult Group Class - $400

Orientations are held monthly. Visit and compare without a down payment. Your classes resume on the day and time of orientation until your 10 week class is completed. Everyone comes into week 1 together and graduates at week 10 ( provided they’ve done the work! 45-75 minutes/day is recommended) This is a boot camp format that will get your dog trained for off leash reliability. Classes are approximately 90 minutes/week. Recommended that your pup is over 6 months to get the full benefit. Need to retake a particular lesson? Schedule got hectic and you got thrown off-track? Come back through the entire curriculum anytime for free! Register for our Adult Novice Obedience classes here!

Advanced Programs - cost varies

Billed per course. These are courses that expand on the Novice skillset. They are used to create a drive that we can tap into to teach your dog all manner of later responsibilities, including retrieving, scent work, or advanced obedience. We also offer packages for continued practice with your peers at our facility. Recently graduated? See what’s coming up here.

Private Adult Lessons - $120/hour

Private lessons are $120/hour, Mon-Thurs 9am to 5pm. Private lessons are utilized by owners to learn obedience and house management protocols in a private-tutoring setting. If you learn better in a one-on-one capacity, this is a good option for learning to train your dog. You can also continue from these sessions into a group setting to practice your skills and hone your ability to work your dog in stressful situations. Click here to schedule!

Off-calendar sessions are $145/hour and can only be booked by existing clients – we do not offer after-hours availability for assessments.

Board and Train - $3,000 - $5,000

You can expect a 6-10 week board and train experience to deliver on leash excellence. Price includes equipment and the cost of classes where you will be given EXTENSIVE instruction to transfer the handling and control. You’ll be given the opportunity to train your dog to work for you without need for leash or other equipment.  More information.

We offer a 3-week option for $2,500 that will teach your dog to walk on leash, Sit Stay for poop pickups, and accept nail trims. *Dogs that are aggressive toward other dogs and/or people must complete 10 weeks of Board and Train* Please send us an inquiry!

Scheduling For Group Classes

We are always accepting new clients!


Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your class! We get overly booked during the “crunch time” of each month and if we can’t fit you in you could be waiting a month to start class. The orientation will let you see what’s expected to get the results you want. You’ll meet us, our methods, and our dogs. If you don’t like us or don’t want your dog to behave like our graduates’, then you won’t owe a thing. Otherwise we’ll begin building a solid relationship between you and your dog right away. We’ll also give you homework to do before you first group lesson so that you’ll be ready to move forward when you get into a group setting. THERE ARE NO DOGS PRESENT AT ORIENTATIONS. OWNERS/HANDLERS ONLY.

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