I’ve heard about your Group Classes, but what other training do you offer?

“Whether as a matter of convenience or as a matter of necessity, there are situations when board and train is the responsible choice.”

Our Group Classes are appropriate for ALMOST every dog in ALMOST every circumstance. Aggression can be dealt with more efficiently and more constructively in the group setting. We emphasize safety as much as we emphasize results. Our curriculum is designed to bring out problems and help your dog deal with them, so whether it’s separation anxiety, walking on a leash, overall anxiety, problems being touched, or controlling themselves around squirrels (or any distraction that applies to your dog), our group classes hit on all fronts.

You’ll have completed two weeks of work with your dog prior to coming to class and you’ll have laid a foundation for learning before you’re confronted with a bunch of stranger dogs. You also get the benefit of detailed write-ups of every exercise and videos that recap the lessons. It’s a heavy curriculum, so plenty of support is offered through those resources, as well as over the phone or, if necessary, in-person private sessions to help you keep up (you get a discount on private sessions while you’re enrolled in group classes).

And then what?

In our experience, if you or your dog are just not “getting it” in the group environment, working one-on-one wouldn’t help much; it would only reduce distractions. And as anyone who owns a dog “who’s good, but just gets so excited!” will tell you, it doesn’t mean much if your dog will do it without distractions. Therefore, we recommend that if you or your dog is struggling in the group environment, let us do the heavy lifting for you! You can come back to groups afterwards, where it’ll be much easier to learn how to handle your then-trained dog!

Private Training Options

Private Training (often called Board and Train – or B&T) is a service we offer where your role changes substantially. In these programs, we train the dog for you and then teach you how to handle your trained dog. We offer two variants of this, each with their own options: traditional Board and Train and our “While You’re Away” service.

When does B&T make sense?

When does board and train make sense?

If you have scheduling conflicts, physical or emotional limitations which prevent you from working the dog through training, if your dog is a fighter or biter or you have inter-home aggression, if your dog is over-excited or overbearing, impossibly shy, an escape artist, dangerously ill-mannered, etc…

These are reasonable reasons for why you can’t train your dog, but they are not reasons you should avoid having your dog trained. Overcoming these behavioral traits is what our curriculum is designed to do and we can and do deliver results in spite of these issues.

If you can’t give the time or if you have a problematic situation, or if there’s any other set of circumstances that may prevent you from training your dog, please don’t give up. Contact me so we can put together a gameplan to best help your dog.

Note: there are those who say Private Training doesn’t work and that to have control over your dog, you need to be the one to train it. This advice usually comes from people who are not professional dog-trainers, or from trainers who lack the ability or experience to succeed in this field of training. Without ability or experience, they say it can’t be done. In truth, it can be done. It has been done. We’re doing it everyday with reliable results.

Think of jockeys and horse trainers: the jockey very clearly has control of that animal, but he did not train it. He might have spent only a few weeks or months learning to handle the animal, where the trainer spent years training it. The same is true of dog training. Only here, it takes 10 weeks to train and only a few weeks to learn to handle.

Other examples: police service dogs, assistance service animals, companion dogs, hunting dogs, personal protection dogs, detector dogs, etc. All of those dogs were trained by professionals and then placed into the care of their owner/handlers.

“The next time you hear or read the opinion that privately trained dogs are not reliable…simply smile and remind yourself that the opinion is most likely coming from someone who has not been successful at getting the job done.”


In traditional B&T, we take your dog through our entire curriculum while they live with us. There are programs that are shorter than ours (and more expensive), but our objective is in training a “total” dog. We want your dog being taught fairly and stress-free. And that is an objective that takes longer than a couple weeks, but your dog’s happiness and the thoroughness of the training make up for it.

While You're Away

Our “While You’re Away” service fills the void between B&T and traditional training. In these instances, I come to your home and do the homework with your dog for at least an hour a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. Those 20 sessions are enough to get past the heavy lifting portion of the curriculum and form a foundation that is easier for you to build upon than if you started from scratch.

Will your dog work for you the way they work for me instinctively? No. You will still need to make a time commitment to the effort, but the heavy lifting will have been done for you. 4 private “handler” lessons are included in our B&T package and those utilizing While You’re Away training are encouraged to follow those sessions with group classes (provided at a discounted rate) or 2 private “handler” lessons.