Wbellebernheime were going to have to find a new home for our Bassett mix, Belle. She had become aggressive towards other dogs & bit our smaller dog. We found Tyler and he seemed confident that he could help us. 8 weeks later, we have a wonderful, well behaved Belle. The dog aggression has stopped, even her barking (it was constant when she was outside) has stopped. She seems happier, more content…a different dog really. Tyler’s methods are rock solid. Listen to him and put in the work at home, you and your dog will be very pleased. I’ve done obedience training with other dogs/trainers over the years, but none compare to Rosie Dane. It’s a personal service that is custom fit for you & your dog. Worth every penny.

Chris and Elizabeth

Thanks to Rosie Dane Dog Training, my everyday walks with my dog are now much more enjoyable. After only 1 evaluation lesson, 2 weeks of practice, and 1 real class, I’d say there’s been a 80-90% improvement in my dog’s walking behavior. He stays right by my side, pays attention, we have fun together because we’re both thinking in new ways, and we enjoy each other more! We had a super great walk yesterday where we got to relax in the shade and I really feel it was a turning point in how I view my relationship with my dog. Thanks so much!

Nora and Kyle

Love Tyler and Rosie! Our Doberman, Jax, is like a new dog! We saw a huge difference in just a couple sessions. Tyler is very knowledgeable and is a great teacher. I highly recommend him!

Lara, Stephan, Teresa, & Jim

So the dogs were barking at deers just a minute ago and I told them to be quiet. Kevin was in another room and had no idea. They got quiet, but then ran into the room Kevin was in and asked to be let out and he let them out. They bolted out the door and took off. I ran out and yelled for them to come and believe it or not they stopped in their tracks and came right back. WooHoo!

Nikki and Kevin

Belen - A Rehab Story

Jennifer and Abbi Out For A Walk

Amy and Navy at the Park

Leslie, Dave and Skip

Kathy and Millie's Graduation Photo Shoot

Johnathon, Terri, Atticus and the Ducks

Scott and Lucius Practice Out of Sight

Buddy Loves Milt