Thanks for your interest in Rosie Dane Dog Training!

Our private lessons are offered Monday-Thursday 11am-4pm and are hourly sessions for $75 held weekly. There is usually a 6-12 week lead time to get on the calendar.

If you have a puppy, we have a PDF “puppy manual” than can be emailed upon request and is $10 that can be paid electronically or invoiced.

I look forward to helping you and your dog!

The latest on COVID-19

And what we’re doing to still be here to help you and your dog while remaining CDC compliant, safe, and proactive.

Become an expert

Our classes have always turned out some of the most competent handlers in the region. You’ll learn how to practice “defensive handling”, how to read your dog, how to read a training area, and how to be prepared for what the world will throw at you.

Learn by Doing

With “tests of readiness” each week you’ll be working hands on in front of your peers and instructor to demonstrate your work.

Class is about practicing your homework and learning from your results and others. If you’re not achieving results, you’ll see that you have no one to blame but yourself. With in-person, active participation, you’ll get the feedback you need to be successful.

Achieve your goals

With dialogue between classes, private access to your instructor, and individual help available, you will get what you’re looking for.

Emails and phone calls are always free to in-class students. If you need help outside of class, those sessions are reduced to $60/hour. This is usually used for unique solutions for the most aggressive or fearful dogs, or if you’re just struggling with a particular exercise. 

Why off leash? Look at your dog right now. Odds are he’s not wearing a leash. What if the doorbell rings, or someone walks by the house, or you need him to come RIGHT NOW because a bird flew in the window. Would you be prepared? With this training you will be.


Still have questions?

Follow the link below to ask us directly.

My dog is disabled, can I participate?

Yes! We’ve had deaf, blind, and tripod dogs in class who have each achieved graduation. There are only small adjustments that must be made and none of them require private lessons.

What equipment do I need?

We use slip collars, 6′ leashes, and 15′ longe lines. That’s all you’ll need to accomplish amazing results.

Is my dog old enough?

We recommend that your dog be at least 4 months old to participate in class because they’ll need their vaccinations to attend.

Can you train an old dog?

Yes! We’ve had dogs as old as 12 in class before. Provided they’re healthy, there’s nothing that will limit them.

How much work are we talking?

You’ll be expected to work with your dog, one-on-one, for at least 60 minutes a day. You’ll need to be in good health and good physical condition to accomplish the work.

When and where?

Classes are offered at various times each month and in multiple locations. Safety is our top priority and class times change to adapt to the roster’s availability. Please check upcoming classes for more details.

Ready to get started?

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