A trip to Bernheim Forest!!!

UPDATE: We will meet here at 10:30am Sunday June 26th. Let us know if you’re on the way or coming out so we don’t start the hike without you!

Boy do we look forward to the Bernheim Forest adventures. This is a Rosie Dane graduate event where we welcome you to come out and enjoy some time in nature with your awesome dog.

Typical itinerary involves walking a classic trail (on the easy side) followed by lunch at the awesome deli and ice cream restaurant (outside seating, of course!), and rounding out the day with a slightly more difficult trail, often ending at the excellent lookout-post; a view that overlooks all of the forest from 6 stories off the ground!

This isn’t a training day, so just be ready to simply enjoy the hard work you’ve put in up until this point and immerse yourself in beautiful nature and good company.

Definitely an outing worth tuning your dog up for!